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Fishing off the sand in botany bay


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Hey I am going fishing off Brighton le sands beach tomorrow and I haven't had much success fishing there. Can anyone please help me with rigs, bait, etc. the fish I am targeting are, bream, flathead, whiting, snapper, and possibly tailor. Help would be much appreciated thanks :)


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Live bait: tube worms, prawns, nippers

Small ball sinker wig with small weights and long trace, size 4 worm hook or long shank

Running up tide

You can fish of the groynes casting with the current, and let ur rig drift and feel the bites

Ive seen lots of whiting caught here and also flathead, but i do know trevalley, pinkies, bream can be caught here aswell.

It wouldnt hurt to use some burley aswell if ur fishing in one spot.

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