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yellow fin


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had the pleasure off fishing with mr magoo and his son reese yesterday chasing fin on his new ride a cruise craft what a sweet ride

to cut a long story short i got to fight a 40kg fin my first wow what a buzz we had it boat side 3or 4 times but it got me on the hull and swam free

a big thanks to magoo and reese for putting me onto my first fin your both champs somthing i've been trying to do for a few years

next time i promise not to eat mongolian lamb the night before lol cheers gary

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Dont feel bad, we lost our first one at the side if the boat about seven weeks back

To get revenge I bought to tiagaras 50w etc then we managed to land the next one 2 weeks ago but it hit the smallest rig

We almost lost this fish and bent the gaff trying to get it in the boat

Getting the fish to the side if the boat is not the hardest part once you have it hooked

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Hey Gary well done mate now you have the yellow fever!

We were out & got our limit of albies & headed for home but a few nice fin were caught in the 40-50kg range out of the albies.

Good luck next time.



Hi Damo,

Heading out tomorrow any info would be appreciated mate.



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