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king on bream gear


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Went out today in Pittwater for a relaxing yak fish on the flats chasing bream, flatties & whiting on the flats, on surface lures..

Ticked 2 of the 3 boxes, but couldn't find any flathead willing to play the game.

As the tide made the flats inaccessible I moved on to the moorings in deeper water flicking SPs... nothing but pinkies but still fun

The wind picked up, so I tied up to a vacant mooring buoy and continued flicking when BANG zzz.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.. knew I had something decent on, and assumed a good sambo, but no jumps, just long hard runs down deep. This could be a king, I thought... before thinking, oh... I'm in big trouble aren't I?

Only took about 5 minutes to bring it boatside which surprised me, but another 10 to get it into the net.

As you can see in the pic, he took a zman grub in watermelon (I think), on a 1/12 jighead.

4lb braid and leader, on a 1-3kg dropshot and Soron SX 20


While he was only about 55cm I'm STOKED with this capture as I don't fish areas known for kings and don't use the recommended gear or lures for chasing them, so had resigned myself to the fact they'll be a fish others catch!

Would've gotten a better picture, but some clowns were wakeboarding right near me while I was trying to dehook and take pics, in a no wash zone no less.

Got a beast of a pike not long after too

Went about 50-52 cm, (in fact, I thought I'd caught the same king again when he came into view, same colours on the flanks and yellow tail).. fought like a wet paper bag though, so knew I was mistaken.

Strangely enough this couldn't top my previous catch.


Only the pike met a sticky end, which involved a very happy cat, everything else was released.

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Well done Kaktis I had a similar capture on Friday from CG wharf. After 4 hours of not so much as a bite I come up tight on the 1-3kg rod I’m using to chase yakka’s. A nifty 5 minute fight eventually has a 60cm kingy on the deck.

Gear used was:

Rod – 7’ Strudwick Sic Stik Pro 1-3kg

Reel -Daiwa Advantage 1000

Line -6lb crystal fireline & 6ld fluro leader

Hook - #12 long shank mustad

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