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New Combo - Botany Bay

Sauce Head

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First post here so hi all

I got a boat a few weeks ago and will be fishing mostly in botany bay and port hacking for bream, flathead & trevally. It will be mostly bait fishing but I am also getting the hang of soft plastics.

My current set up consists of:

-Flueger trion 6'6

-Daiwa exceler 1500

-6.8kg 0.20 braid

I think my line is too heavy for starters, but outside of that do you guys think it is fairly suitable? Do you think it will be handle the species above?

Regardless I am looking to get an additional set up and get the feeling it needs to be a little stronger. Feel free to correct me if I am on the wrong track. I have heard good things about shimano sienna (2500) & catana (6 foot 2 piece) combos. They seem to be in my price range and get pretty good reviews. Do you guys think this would pretty suitable for my needs? Do you have any other suggestions that might work?

Thanks for taking the time to read

Sauce Head

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Hi Sauce Head,


Both are very workable combo's perfect for what you want to do. Depending on the weight class on the Trion I'd be opting for 6lb braid on it if you're going to use it for flicking plastics in the bay targeting bream, trevalley, whiting etc. Light leader of similar weight upping it to maybe 14-20lb when tageting flatties

On the Catana & Sienna I'd maybe go for 10lb braid as a heavier option. In my experience 10lb braid will allow you to boat just about anything you come accross in the bay 99% of the time. With this you can even up your leader a bit more & taget salmon, tailor & even kingys

Good luck, Paul

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Sauce Head,

I'm with Paul and would suggest you use the Trion/Exceler setup as a soft plastic setup but go with a lighter line - say 4 or 5lb Power Pro or similar. Casting distance would be enhanced with lighter braid since you've got a 6'6" rod (7' would be ideal, my personal preference any way). Then adjust your leader size to suit your target species, depth, conditions, etc. Your line on the Exceler could still be used on your Catana/Sienna combo as a heavier setup.

Welcome to the site and your journey into this fishing obsession. The two combos will start you off but you'll find you will add more rods and reels to your collection as time goes by :D

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Thanks guys, that really is very helpful info.

The trion is 2-4kg I believe so I think I might take both of your ideas and lighten up the braid.

And as you say, I can transfer that braid to my new set up.

Just on leaders, I have not actually been using one at all. Schoolboy error but I really do not know too much about them. From my reading, they are ideal because they are more difficult for the fish to see. It should also make it harder for the fish to break off as it is a heavier line. Is that about it?

If i was to use one, would I go for mono? Have you guys any recommendations?

As far as knots, for using bait, would I have knots from hook > leader > swivel > braid with running sinker

For SP would it be the same excluding sinker?

I actually have been fishing on and off all of my life but really never put too much thought into my gear. I have just been doing a bit of reading around I think I need to pay more attention to get the most out of every session.

Sauce Head

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Have the sienna 1000 model love it great reels for the price.

With leaders you've pretty much got the idea, mono or fluorocarbon are the go for visibility and abrasion resistance (braid can fray easily in the rough mouth of say a flatty) for soft plastics you don't use a swivel just tie the leader straight to the main line using a knot like a double uni or albright (have a search around there are many) the swivel will make it look less natural.

6lb braid with 6-12lb leader depending on target will get almost anything done for the bread and butter species, 10lb braid with say 15-20lb leader and you can pretty much boat whatever you like! Drag settings are your friend when using one or two setups for multiple targets!

Have fun toying around with setups it's half the game!



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Hi Mate,

The set up for plastics or hard bodies is really simple. Braid to about a rods length of preferably fluro leader. Knots as mentioned double uni is really nice & easy though. Then lure to leader with either loop knot or uni. This applies to both rod/reel combos only the braid/leader weight will change. The reason for fluro with this is stealth. Hopefully the fish don't see the line. Also some fish have pretty sharp teeth so abrassion resistance is another factor.

For bait fishig again same set up for both. Sinker on main line (braid) to swivel. I always put a little bead between the sinker & the swivel to keep the sinker off the knot. Then a length of leader, mono or fluro, length depending on tide/current etc from swivel to hook of choice.

I personally only use fluro leader but thats my choice. Check with your local tackle shop guys for a recomendation for brands based on your requirements for targeted fish/cost/knot strength etc. Remember to check your line & leader regularly for abrassion & replace as requires. Last Friday I lost a stonker of a trevalley because I was too lazy to replace a freyed leader.


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