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Botany Bay Snapper


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Hi guys,

Just wondering did anybody come across a report this week where a 9.4kg snapper caught in Botany Bay? Anybody find out any further details as all we seem to get in the Bay are undersize snapper. Sounds a little suss to me.



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A guy on the beach on the weekend told me that his mate caught a 10kg snapper in the bay, he took it to get turned into a trophy/wall plaque and the trophy guu dobbed him in to fisheries so that fisheries would make the spot he caught it a sanctuary zone.

. . . take from that what you will. Seems sus to me

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Guest Aussie007

the snappers are bigger than what they have been we were getting 25-30cm snappers at mol point, not the usual little pinkies but nothing huge over 90cm

a mate did pull in a nice size snapper from the bommie at port hacking heads about 9 months ago i was recently shown the pic from a friend on his iphone so they are defiantly around

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I usually pull out 10cm snappers for BB of the rocks, their mummy must be down there. I wouldn't say its unusual to catch the odd monster down there!

When I get a boat in the next year I'll certainly be targeting the mommas down there

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