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How to handle double hookups when fishing alone


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Hi guys

I'm regularly going to one of the Northern Beaches to fish alone before sunrise I sometimes bring two outfits to have better chance of hooking up. But one question came to mind, what would I do if I get a hookup on both rods? Which can happen if a school is out there. Anyone has experienced this before? How did you handle that?



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Have fun as you run around in a blind panic. I do what you described, but tend to remove an outfit if there is a consistant bight. Not only does it avoid double hookups, I also feel it increase my rate of hook ups, as aposed to two unattended rod where the fish have to set the hook them self.


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Use circle hooks and set the drag max to the line capacity before putting it on the rod holders.

Let's the fish hook themselves.


Works great from a boat, less so from the beach unless you have some seriously amazing beach rod holders.

Best bet is make sure the drag is light enough that it can slow the fish but wont pull your holder from the sand. Try the sand spike rod holders rather than the old PVC tube, these have a lot more strength in them. Once that's in place its just a matter of making sure it doesn't spool you while you work the other rod as hard and quickly as you can. Even still its certainly worth making sure that only one of your outfits has a shiny new stella hanging off it....


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Fish one rod. Problem solved.

You will miss more good fish with a rod in the holder

than you ever will while holding a rod in your hand.

Holding one rod cancels out the benifits of using two rods in a holder.



Totally agree.

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I would try and set the hooks in the second fish set light drag and hope you get your first fish in before u get spooled or lose the second fish with the rod in the holder,

I was gunna say leave the boat in gear before I realised you were fishing from the beach.

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