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Boat Christened!


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Hi Guys,

First report for me, had some mates down from Darwin on the weekend(Friday arvo and Saturday) and needed to pay back a big favour to these guys as I have been up there twice and they turned it on both times. I was very nervous and we have had a few cracks with very little success over the few months prior. I got a few tips and marks from Scratchie(very kind) and tried to read as many of these great reports from you guys as I could.

We headed out to the Broken Bay FAD only to find it wasn't there yet, had a bottom bash, nothing, trolled up north with no luck again.

Settled about 6nm off Avoca and bingo got 5 nice Rubber Lip 45-50cm, boys well pleased. Then headed down off Bouddi about 4nm out and bagged 12 nice Lizards from 38-60cm. The Darwin boys hadn't really had many of these, beer battered fillets that night and they were in heaven and I got the monkey off my back!!!

I'll be looking for more stories so I can learn some more and get these "L" plates off!!



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Ok,ok I will show my ignorance and ask the question, what the heck are "Rubber Lips", sounds like Phyllis Diller with Botox!

Any pics?



Phyllis is a great analogy it is a Morwong or Grey Morwong, not bad either but the Falty's were great!!

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