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Long weekend of PBs


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It's been a very slow start to the bass season for me. I fished my local every weekend in September for only a few fish so I jumped at the chance to spend a few days down south over the long weekend. Being early in the season the water was still clear and cool, and the fishing slow. I persisted with buzzbaits (without a doubt my favourite surface lure) and it eventually paid off with 6 fish landed the first morning. This included a 49FL PB.

Fished up river the following morning, it was hard going and I only had one hit that morning. I had a bit of time before I needed to head back, so I decided to move and fish lower down in the system. The water looked great, lots of snags, overhangs and sunken timber. It was mid morning by this stage and I didn't expect much but when the lure was gently taken off the top and the rod buckled over I knew this was a solid fish. When it finally popped up next to the yak I remember thinking I needed a bigger net. Finally cracked the 500 mark and a new PB, 510FL!

The following morning I was back on the new stretch hoping to explore further up the creek in search of a few fish. I wasn't disappointed. Not long after launching I was working some sunken timber spotted the previous morning, on the second cast the water erupted in front of me and I was connected to another solid fish. This time the fight was different and the fish surfaced early, it wasn't a bass but a big EP. There were a few tense moments before I finally netted the fish, this thing was prehistoric and by far my biggest EP at 510FL. I fished for a few more hours and landed another couple of bass including a 44FL but the EP was definitely the highlight of the trip.

My local bass are still playing hard to get, it won't be long before I head south again.

Cheers, Dean

















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Thanks for all the replies.

Roostersone, not sure what's happening with the local at the moment. I'm starting to hear a few good reports but it's not happening for me at the moment.

Scratchie, It's the far south. The Clyde, Deua, Tuross and Bega/Brogo rivers are the main systems down that way. Lots of good water and plenty of bass. I'm hoping to visit all of them over the summer.

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Looks like a trip down south has to happen! Congrats on finding hank..... Multiple times. That EP is an absolute beast too. Did you pinch yourself at the end of that day? Looks like a dream to me haha. As for the local I was out on Sunday and fished surface all day for 6 bass (mate got 5) one over 30cm and 4 lost over 30cm.

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