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Sydney only kayak

brooker boy

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wow $350.... thats amazing! Might have to look into it until i can get a hobie! Man if i didnt just spend $500 on a tattoo i'd be keen to grab one!

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Hey fishos,

I bought a Sydney Only kayak and I am really happy with my decision. The kayak is stable well setup for an entry level model. I have fished out of it a few times and found the paddling and managing a rod at the same time a bit tricky but as I didnt want to spend the dollars on a peddle powered model I knew I would have to manage this. The yak is light enough for me to lift onto the roof of my hilux without too much struggle.

Overall I am really pleased with it, the kids love it and I even got my mum who is 70 odd to go for a paddle on her own so definatley stable on the water but also it slips nice and easy through the water.

Any questions let me know otherwise for an entry level model I can't fault it.


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They look an amazing bargain for the price, particularly for smaller waters. I wouldn't recommend them for offshore fishing unless it was REALLY CALM - but you can never tell when the weather will turn nasty - and it can happen in a second!

It would be great for inshore fishing - bays, estuaries, dams & creeks - freshwater or salt!



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