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Rock fishing boots too tight?


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Hi all

Need your experience on rock fishing boots. I received my order for a rock fishing spike boots. It's made of Neoprene with rubber sole.

I usually wear size 39 european size which is size 6 here. So I ordered their size XS (6) and when tried them on they feel a bit tight and my toes are a bit crushed and I feel a bit of pressure against the front of the shoes. Are they too toght or is it normal and they will stretch after several use?



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They stretch a little when they're wet and after a few uses but not a great deal. Once dry they also shrink back a little.

If you can return them and get a bigger size I'd do that. If you can't just use them for a while........

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Dude surely you know if your shoes are too tight or not? Google sizes as shoes all around the world are different sizes even though they might say 6, uk, eu, us, aus all different sizes so know what you're buying.

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allways buy one size bigger than you need so you can get them off quickly if you get washed in as they are hard to swim in

when my spikes wear off I cut the boots dowm below the zipper so they are like a slipper and put stainless cleats on them

I have had latest pair for three years and I sometimes fish three times a week on the rocks

being like a slipper they are easier to kick off


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I can understand buying gear online in some cases but footwear probably not, gotta be comfortable.

I reckon the most comfortable option is a pair of runners/joggers with a pair of griprox over the top. Also saves dragging two pair of shoes to the ledge, can just walk-in with the runners on then put the cleats on when you get to the stone. Also saves walking out with wet rock fishing boots on your back which must way at least a kilo or two.

Cleats over the top of old fishing boots works fine but as luderick59 suggests they can be heavy if you go in.

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My point is not exactly to know if they are too tight or not, although the title of the forums might mislead, what I want to find out is if they to stretch out like leather shoes. Cuz if they do stretch out after several use then I will keep them like I do with normal shoes when a bit tight.

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All shoes should fit comfortable the first time you put them on, no matter what shoe you try! I'm assuming the same goes for rock fishing boots!

If they are tight they are no good! Change then for a pair that fits right!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Look for rock spikes. The brand is griprox. YOu can slip them over any pair of shoes. There usually between $60-$70 depending where you buy from. And they last a whil too.


I'm not 100% sure if its the same brand I've got, but they're great.

They're like "ice climber" shoes, they look way overkill but they're the best piece of kit i've bought for rock fishing.

I wear the neoprene boots, without the spikes. I think you get them for about $30- 50 from %%% or pretty much any fishing/water sports place.

I walk out to the platform with my neoprene boots on (beauty is they can get wet, and you're not left with wet socks on all day), when things start to get a bit slippery or i reach the rocks, just simply slip the spikes over. They're ridiculously easy to put on and take off and conform to pretty much any shoe.

The rock boots with spikes are good, but the problem is within 6 months of solid use the spikes are almost ground down to nothing, and spending $70-80 every 6-12 months really adds up.Then say if you're walking a bush track you're gonna wanna take two pairs of shoes adding more stuff to take.

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pescatore5: I don't find them uncomfortable at all. I think maybe when i first tried them out they were a bit, but after that you get used to them and you forget there even on.

It mainly depends on the shoe your wearing though, its thickness/shape etc.

I use the wetsuit neoprene boots(without spikes) for all the low edges,where i know i'm gonna get my shoes wet. And i slip the spikes over.

When fishing ledges that are high and dry and a bit of a trek, i wear hiking boots/work boots. And put spikes over that when i get to the platform.

With both boots i dont find the spikes uncomfortable at all.

I've had my spikes for over 2 years now, and i do fish off the rocks very frequently. They are rusty looking but the spikes haven't wore down and they provide solid grip.

When i get home from fishing i just spray them with the hose and hang them out to dry.

Also you can get some cheap ones off online shop, that have small spikes and they slip over for really cheap. I haven't tried them but i heard they're okay, but 'id imagine they'd wear at the same rate as the rock hopper boots (though about 1/8th of the price.

The ones i use are rubber, but have metal chains and very large spikes/teeth, that i got from local tackle store. I've noticed alot of the good tackle stores have them.

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