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OOOPs 4 stroke oil put into 2 stroke petrol mower .... it stopped!


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Hi guys


Keith put 4 stroke oil into our 2 stroke motor mower (about similar or slightly more than if 2 stroke oil quantity per 5l) and the mower stopped. Keith said the spark plug was 'clogged up' with oil!! (Apparently the 4 stroke oil floats rather than 'mixing' with the fuel as '2 stroke oil' does ......)

We have drained the remainder of crook fuel out ..... and purchased new oil & fuel ...... the compression still seems to be OK (I pulled the crank and at least it still turns over ....) so hopefully no piston damage ......

Is there anything else we need to do before we put the 'new fuel & correct oil mix in' to try & minimise the damage that may have already occurred!

Sadly, we only bought the mower recently - altho not 'new' - it was 'as new'!! :(



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......Keith = Fuel Preparer ..... :074: :074: Here I was, thinking it was a major 'part of the engine' that I'd never heard of!! :whistling:

he, he, I cheated & took it to the local mower expert ...... for $5 he put fuel in the carby & cleaned the plug & put new fuel in & BINGO! She is back to working normally again! :D

Thanks for your help


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