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Under the Bridge


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Hi guys,

Took a trip up to the big smoke at the weekend with the mrs and baby. We found a pram friendly spot, reccomended by some of the guys on here, and set up for the afternoon.

I got to one of the piers under the harbor bridge to see a guy cleaning a kingy! Today is to be a good day thought I :) I had brought my new livey/jigging rod for a little test run and set about burleying up with a tin of cat food to entise some yakkas.

There were tonnes of little sardiney bait fish swimming around but it wasnt long before I had my first live bait out. The bait runner was set and the sun wad beating down on us.

To kill the time I set up some SPs and stated bouncing them accoss the bottom hoping there was a flattie waiting under the bait..........there wasnt :(

There was a lovely bream though. Went really hard down on the depths there. It took a 3inch gulp minnow in watermelon pearl in a 1/2oz jig head. It had to be that heavy to get down!

The mrs puled in a few pinkies and yakkas but nothing took the livie. No kingy for me.

There were a good number of squid taken by the guys around and one chap pulled in a 60ish cm flattie, lucky bugger. :)

Anywho, thats enough from me. Lovely day had by all.



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I generally get down to the South coast from here. So the rocks around Batemans bay, Moruya maybe even Eden if I can get down there.

Yeah I can imagine the logistics are a little difficult there. Although you could try and walk it down to the ferry warf. Thats a bit closer to the water.

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