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Water in bilge


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I have repaired a small hole in my fibreglass boat (36yr old) and had no water coming out of the lower bung.

Now I have about 1.5litres coming out after a days fishing. I have filled the boat up with water from the bung in the cabin and left it for 2 hours and no trace of a leak through a hole.

Suspect the bolts holding the outboard which we replaced about 12 months ago as their are submerged when the boat is in the water. Put the spanner on the starboard bolts no movement then the port side and the lower one got some movement and the top as well.

Question is we use silicone before, what about Sikaflex - 291 or would it be too hard to remove bolts if needed?

All of the fitting (tranducer,bait pump ) I have use Sikaflex.

thanks norm.

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Siikaflex won't be that much harder to undo if you need to and I relieve much better than silicone for most uses on a boat.

If your bolts are leaking it is letting water into the timber in your tansomed and you don't want that as it will allow wood root and weaken the transome

Siikaflex also cleans up with turps

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