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Salmon 28/8

Guest fishrunner

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Guest fishrunner

G'day everyone,

Went for a fish today out of sydney, with the plan of salmon in the morning and bream in the afternoon.

Headed out through the heads at the gentlemenly hr of 7.30 and headed south, didn't see any straight away but cruised on down a couple of kays and then found what I was lookin for with only one other boat fishin them :thumbup: .


sambo's at a distance


at the boat- arms needed a break- took pics instead


and a few more.

1st cast and I was on,- felt great hearin the drag singin as had been a while between salmon for myself, and bream just don't quite have the sustained power of a pissed of sambo :tease: . Anyway caught another 7 sambo's and kept 2,also dropped a few after a few mins, after bout 3hrs I was buggered,- catchin sambo's on 2-4lb and 4-8lb bream rods wears out your arms out :074::biggrin2: .

FYI- all caught on 5 and 10 grm twisties and 3 inch berkely minnows.

After that when and had a crack at bream to no avail, (only a few sml tailor under the boats I cast at) but can't complain :( .

After that I picked up the girlfriend :wub: and after a red wine in a quiet back bay,- I'm now engaged(she accepted) :yahoo::thumbup: .

Anyway that was my day, hope you all had a good one


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Why do I have this mental picture of Fishrunner down on one knee, covered in salmon blood and slime, smelling like a fish market - darling will you marry me  :074:  :074: .  Must be quite a woman  :biggrin2:  :biggrin2: .

Congrats Fishrunner.



Congrats mate. :biggrin2:



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Guest fishrunner

Hi all, thanks for the well wishes,. :thumbup:

Don't worry Fishn, sarah's up for a fish ,- pretty rarely actually(I tried), here's her 1st flathead on plastic :1fishing1::biggrin2:


Don't worry pedro hadn't cleaned the 2 sambo's I kept at this stage, though I still wasn't lookin the most handsome(to my full potential) :074:


What about the school of sambo's I was impressed with how clear the water was and how they turned out :074:

cheers and thanks to everyone

I'm a very happy man

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Another congrats from me mate! A day that you wil not forget, that is for sure.

Where do you launch from?

I was out from the usual Tunks on Sunday.... saw some sambos round north head but it was a bit uncofortable for my we boat. Also saw a flying fish come up just of the bow....amazing sight :1yikes: I retreated into middle harbour where I burlied up the XO Yakkas....got about 15 on the fly which was great but I think I need practice in playing fish on fly.....I dropped just as many :1prop:


PS great pics too, what camera do you use?

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Guest fishrunner

Thanks Alex,

Well done on the yakka's always fun on the right gear :biggrin2: .

The camera is a olympus mini, 4 megapixel, comes with a free 10 ft underwater housing if you send the barcode away(just follow the olympus site).

Flying fish, they're early,- good sign, water temp was 18.3 just sth of sth head, so it's warming up :thumbup: .

I launch out of lilyfield- can be tidal,- been stuck a couple of times over the years :074: , but you should be alright in lil "annie b".

thanks again ,


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Congratulations Fishrunner

Sounds like the perfect day for you, one that you will always remeber.

I was out at North Head also and caught my first Salmon and let me tell you I am for ever hooked I think.

Luckily for me the :wife: likes to have a fish also and she landed 1 60 cm salmon and lost another as it was coming onto the boat.


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