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First Dollie on Fly

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Went out to the fad today chasing dollies. Collected live bait mixture of mullet, sweep and yellowtail.

All worked well to produce heaps of dollies up to the high 80's.

Took the fly rod ( 6/7 wt with floating line, 3kg tippet) out with me as I haven't caught one on fly before.

After we had caught and released heaps plus kept some for a feed decided to give the fly a go.

Got into a good position near the fad and started to strip the fly back in. Third strip hooked up and thought how easy is this.

Took a few minutes to land, the fly was down in the gills with blood flowing so this was the smallest we kept for the day. Then decided to have another go, 45 min later still not another take. Put the fly rod away when one of those oceanic ghost jacket snipped the fly off.

Fish measured 64cm, not bad for first on fly. Next time I'll use sinking line and might try a 2kg tippet.

We tend to keep a couple of better fish and then keep fish that are bleeding badly or look like they may not survive.



Some of the other dollies taken on bait.


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