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Saturday Dollies Off Sydney


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Hi guys headed out today with a couple of mates at 6am from Tunks park for some dollies after last weeks success.

Headed straight to bait grounds and started filling the tank with perfect sized yakkkas, as the sun started coming up the micro yakkas came in and the most annoying fish around, sweep. We had a few big pike swiming around in the trail and one made a mess of my sabiki rig as he jumped out of the water after being hooked.

One pretty cool thing we saw was a pike took a sweep and just kept swimming around the trail with a sweep hanging out of its mouth and ocassionally the other pikes would try to take it out like a pack of dogs playing with a toy.

Anyway headed straight out our first mark with a tank of about 20ish yakkas. Hooked the first yakka with a 5/0 circle on 20lb spin gear, threw him out and within 5 seconds hooked straight up to a nice fight ending in an 80cm dollie.

From then on it was dolly after dolly with the minmum size only being the occasional 60-65cm. Most of them were up at the 70-80ish mark.

Then all of a sudden after about 20 fish landed and muliptle fish on the deck at once the first switched off.

Headed in a little closer tried another spot for another 78cm and this thing fought like hell taking big runs and big jumps, took about 5 minutes to get in it took that much line off me.

Its funny how sometimes 2 fish of the same size fight alot harder than the other,

So after 2 outings and well over 40 dollies landed 90% being legal were pretty happy with our first outings chasing the mahis.

Today i took 2 home and the other boys took 1 each, last week we took home 6 between 3 of us.

Its pretty funny having 2 or 3 well over legal fish on the deck and getting them back overbaord ASAP so you can get the next one overboard.

No need to take more than your going eat that night and maybe give one to a mate.

What an amazing fish and pretty awsome seeing your yakkas being thrown around through the air then 4 fish pouncing on it as soon as it hits the water again.

A few tips to people heading out targeting them:

Use livies dont bother with lures and pilchards.

Use circle hooks and smallish ones like a 4/0 5/0 max as the hook tends to wrap around and get them in the eye.

As soon as the fish hits the deck pounce on it holding it down nice and firm dont let them kick and flip, the buggers smack there head pretty hard against the deck which can result in them dying if released, i pin them down as soon as they touch the deck not letting them move, remove the hook and straight back overboard, no stress for the fish and no stress for you.

Gotta look after these fish and any other fish really, especially when your pulling in quite a few in a day,







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We tried lures, plastics, metals, xraps etc and them and unweighted pillies, we found the bigger fish took the livies withing 5 seconds of the bait hitting the water. with the pilles we got baited plenty of times, and also it seemed to be the smaller fish taking them. Today and last weekend livies outfished pillies 5 to 1

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We hit them up yesterday before the wind kicked in and they are taking anything and everything, sometimes before we reset the drift I was flicking a stick bait soft plastic out hooking up straight away, other times I had a dead yakka and just see that out unweighted and hooked up, and pillies. Everything seemed to be working, and I found hooking one on a plastic got the bigger ones fired up and they would take the livies. Good that there is plenty of fish around and they are great fun on light gear too

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