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Wireless reverse camera on boat trailer


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Hi just wondering if anyone has installed a wireless reverse camera on there boat trailer if so was it worth it and how is it holding up to being dunked in the water all the time also what brand did u install.

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Hi mate

I was thinking of the same thing and then thought, why not just put your go pro on the back and using the bluetooth, you can see it on your phone, assuming youve got got one, if you havent well get one and then you can use it in the water too, whilst fishing.


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Sorry boys but I think if you need to go to that extreme you need to practise reversing a bit more.

I dont want it for reversing in general it would just make life easier when i get home so i know when to stop without having too get in and out of the ute too keep checking im not guna hit the house with prop and also leave enough room to walk through between motor and house the boat is higher and wider than my ute and with a canopy on im reversing blind

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I dont know of anything, that I would be comfortable enough with being constantly dunked in Saltwater and possibly pressure washed. Their are a couple of relatively cheap kits around now that pair with a smart phone.

This is one we have access to,


at this stage i have not personally seen it or handled it. IP67, is for immersion 15cm - 1m.

Particularly if you only want it for the trailer, to me it means you dont have a screen taking up space on the dash when not using, and would presume you would have your phone on you.

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Mate, don't know about cameras but what I did is position my boat in it's parking spot attached to car and painted a line on the drivers side in the garage which I use as a guide when backing and dynabolted a stop at the end.You can just see the yellow line painted on the floor in the pic.Just a idea.

Cheers.Posted ImagePosted Image

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need it on the car to see where the trailers going, not on the trailer

saying im a shit reverser because i need one is a bit high and mighty
even though my trailers 6m long i cant see it behind my ute untill its swung too far out either side, even with the tailgate down

just for the fact it may save you running a kid over at a ramp makes it a worth while consideration

how many times do people just walk behind you while your reversing

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