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Registering and renewing a 406Mhz EPIRB


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I received an email this morning saying my 406Mhz EPIRB registration will expiry in 6 weeks and I need to re-register.It needs to be done every 2 years. A simple phone call to AMSA on 1800 406 406 made the process easy and a new rego sticker will be sent out and guess what??? It costs nothing, yes FREE.

Just sitting here thinking about a couple of years back when I got a new wallet and realised while changing everything over my Boat License was out of date and on chasing it up realised I still had an old address on record with the then MSB so didn't receive my reminder.

Now my point is these days with some license and regos being multiple years and being done online it is quite easy to change postal or particularly email addresses and not receive reminders.

Your EPIRB regos contain contact details for onshore as well as boat details so that rescue authorities are looking for the right boat particularly if you take your EPIRB from one boat to a new one if you ever need to be saved it would be nice to know they are looking for your current boat and not the one you sold a year ago.

So if you haven't had a reminder lately or changed boats, changed home addresses or changed your email address this is just a friendly reminder of how easy it could be to let something like this slip out of date and you will never know till it's too late.

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I did this for the first time

It timed out a few times and then I switched to using internet explorer

Make sure you've got all your info. Any idea what dwt is? I guessed it was the

weight of the boat which I didn't know so I made it up. Any idea why they

would want to know the weight of the boat?

Other than that, it was fairly painless.

The website is


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