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Lake Macquarie bream on surface lures

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Hi all,

Just got up to the relatives house right on the water at Dora creek. Went out in the morning on the kayak caught five bream all under legal on the berkley scum dog in yellow and orange colour. Went out around lunch in the yak again only caught one on the same lure. Then at around 4:30ish the water was alive with fish jumping out, same later they were all mullet couldn't get any after trying for 30mins then just went for bream in the snags again. I was getting a lot of hits but not hooking up, then I made a long cast along the bank twitch twitch was hit missed it let it pause had another go missed again then another one then finally it hit it then it went straight back where it came from really hard and I knew this was a good fish. After the fish went in every snag possible and untangling under logs and trees I finally got it in the net. Then I had a good look and it would have been close to 30cm which is unusual for Dora creek. After unhooking it which wreck both hooks it was released unharmed and same off strong. What away to start he holidays and to land nice fish in my new combo. (Daiwa generation black 2 drunkmonkies and shimano stradic ci4 1000) the bream pull hard on 3lb braid and 4lb leader haha. Going out in the lake tomorrow and will let you know how I go.

Cheers Ethan

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Nice work mate gotta love light breaming! Hows the drunkmonky go on the light lures? Whippy tip or stiff as? Lookin at one myself :PSent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk

The rod actually cats light lures quite far actually surprised how far it casts, great rod love it to bits we'll worth the money.

And yeah the have a really good action on them love them.

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