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Stockton Breakwall


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G'day Raiders,

It's been a while since I posted a report due to work ruining fishing commitments. The Mrs' brother was down from the Gold Coast for Easter and being the mad fisho he is he suggested we hit Stocko breakwall.

We geared up and hit the wall early to lock down the end of the wall. I had a hard time getting yakkas but got a few and sent them straight out and the Mrs and young bloke threw out pillies and prawns. Second cast the Mrs donged a big 44cm bream on a whole pillie, couldn't believe the fight it put up and she done well landing it from the rocks. It would've been an old fish and sad to kill so I put it back to become a trophy bream.

The young fella got a few bream on prawns and that started a hot bite with a ton of fish landed from 28cm to 44cm. We also got a nice flatty that wasn't a dusky and had a blue tail (bluespot?) a few tailor to 38cm and a good run on a livie, had it on for 10 minutes but it seen the rocks and it was all over (thats the risk you take with 20lb braid and 30lb FC off the rocks). Had all the tell tale signs of a good jew.

There was a big swell, the mullet were running and there was some surface action too but whatever they were they wouldn't touch my metals or plastics, frustrating as hell trying to match the hatch.

All up it was a decent day on the wall with perfect conditions. My advice to anyone fishing these big breakwalls is to be prepared. You have to be ready for anything because you never know what fish will turn up and I see so many good fish lost or people risking their lives to land fish because they just aren't prepared. People look at me funny because of all the gear I have but I'm ready for anything and always get good fish from the wall.

I very rarely keep many fish and also dislike taking photos of dead fish but we decided to keep a few for Easter. Believe it or not, most fish actually went back.





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Hi there, im just wondering if the fish were there because they were spawning or not ? did you find eggs or milt in any of them when you were cleaning them ? thank you for your reply .

Yeah mate they must've been spawning as they did have the milt and such coming out of them.

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Awesome Dave, what were u using ie bait, yakka? for Jew, just curious....................

Mate, the big run we had was on a yakka. They were a bit hard to come by for me, one bloke had the knack and he was pulling them in one after another. Sometimes you can get slimy mackerel near the wreck as well but I couldn't find any. I tried to get a big mullet but you know how hard it is to get one to bite when they're running.

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