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Fingal bay

stevie g

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Hello raiders. I am heading up to fingal bay this week. quick question. can you walk out to fingal island across the spit and fish off the island. someone told me there is a marine park there and someone else told me its fine. i cant find anything online saying you cant fish there. does anybody know for sure?

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Southern half of Fingal headland was a marine santuary zone, but I think its now under amnesty, so all of that area should be OK to fish - Scratchy may be able to confirm or google Ports Stephens Marine park - am sure there is a map showing where you can and cant fish.

Blood Knot

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Hey Steve, blood knot is right they have an amnesty in that area, land based only.

You can walk over there on low tide but it is very dangerous. At least one person loses their life each year as they are caught by a rising tide and persist walking across. There are far more productive areas to fish with those risks.

Try sunny corner, boat harbour, big or little rocky, middle rock at one mile or the Tomaree headland.

Hope that helps!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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