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Between BONDI Heads


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Went out yesterday, Launched the boat from Roseville Boat ramp 5:30 am. went to Balmoral and got 2 dozen Yakka's . went out tried a little south of South Heads . tried a few spots no Bait Ball's on the sounder at all so did a few drift's picked up a few Flatties ( a lot of under size ) and china man not much Happening there so went south . tried close in off the rocks nothing only some Sargent's ,Rock cod's and rubbish fish. went down and tried of Bondi heads about 1 k out and we got smashed by Flatties . For every under Size caught it would have been nice to get 10 cents for and I still reckon gone home with at least 100-200$ in the Pocket . They were Prolific there but ended up with 9 Keeper's .and the highlight of the day was a Big Mud Crap , yes scooped up 1 Kilometres out from Bondi Head's. ( now I've seen it all ) a new one for me. got back to the ramp by 5pm and believe me it was Busier than peak hour Traffic in Pitt street in peak hour , All in All Still a Great Day on the Water.

Cheers Oziodin :fishing1:



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