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To Stratic Or Not To Stratic?

Sir Battler

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Hey Gents,

Looking at options for estuary gear ideally for light baits and spinning, i am unsure of what reels would offer the best performance and value for money in the $100-$200 range. Many have mentioned the Shimano stratic as very good. I have previously owned a RegalZ which i found to be very smooth but some so and so stole it before i could properly test its legs.

My question to the esteemed Fishraider members is are stratics worth their price and what would be a good price range over the stratic series. I have already got an Uglystick 6'6" and a quality one piece 7' rod to match.

Is the 1000 stratic a bit small for these rods.

Any help fellas would be appreciated.

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Hi Battler,

You will prob get a heep of advice on these reels...

I have one and love it. It is as good in my opinion as my Sustain in smoothness and feels lighter in the hands.

The drag is excellent and has no problem stopping some decent fish. I am not sure about the longevity, but it has a 10 year warranty, so i don't think that will be and issue!


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I used a Stradic 2500FH virtually every day for nearly 3 years before upgrading & it went fine. Just starting to get some gear wear & even with regular maintenance the bail roller bearing needed replacing every 4 months. They are a good reel for the price :biggrin2:

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I have never owned one and would never own the stradic 1000 after many issues i have heard with this specific reel. I'm not putting down a fine product publicly so if you know any hardcore breamers that use them with braid then ask them of their opinons.

If you pm me then i will let you know.

I think the reel is to small for the rod. You can either get a smaller rod or get a bigger reel.

let us know the line rating for each of the sticks. then it will make it a little easier to try and figure out a combo for you.



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I have 5 stradics & 2 sustains all are 1000 series reels and they are used a couple of times a week all year round and they have never been touched other than a drop of oil in the oil port every couple of weeks and they are washed in soapy water and hosed off after every use.For the money they are an excelent reel and all reels are over 2 years old.


PS i am not sponsored by shimano either.

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i own the 1000 and 4000 series stradics and find them highly reliable and enjoyable to use. I dropped the 1thou in the drink a few months ago and it never has performed the same since... but what reel would?

I would have no hesitation in saying that i would recommend it on quality and price. Just like with anything though, it depends on what your tastes are, Daiwa make some beauties as well for around the same dollars. These days the choice is rarely decided on quality but aesthetics and price.

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