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A few Luderick off the rocks


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Went for a quick fish off the rocks this yesterday morning with a couple of good mates and was amazed at how everything has changed with the big swells of last week. Sandy beaches are rocky and lots of storm debris and old kelp has disappeared - well, I imagine it is in the waterways and ocean again but the waves and tides have undercut the banks, causing trees and scrub to fall. Rock platforms are cleared of cabbage weed to a large degree, but it was still easy to find baits at our chosen spot. The fish were there for the taking as well. The first few hook ups were dropped, as the floats bobbed down and then back up again quite quickly. I told the boys to shorten up on the depth as I figured they were up high in the water column and feeding without diving down with the bait. I had about 1m of leader under the float and started to hook up almost immediately. Got a nice down and a strong run. Called it for a pig, but it turned out to be a feisty trevally of some 38cm. Landed a few fish and then hooked into one which I again called for a pig, and it was. A solid, powerful fish which tried to reef me a few times before I finally managed to get him in. Only went 39cm but was deep and thick in the 'shoulders'. Glad to get it on 6lb luderick gear. We finished up around 11am and I had 10 fish in my bag. John got 4 and Bob got one. The swell was only small, in contrast to last week and the fishing comfortable. A few big waves starting surging over the platform on the rising tide, so we called it quits at 11am and bled, filleted and skinned a few fish to keep, releasing the others. The walk out always seems longer but it was an enjoyable day spent with good friends, great scenery and fabulous weather.


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