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Should you run fuel dry


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Hi all,

Because of my job, I don't get to use my boat for periods of 2 months or so. What I am wondering is, the last time I use it before this period, should I disconnect the fuel line while flushing and run it till it stops (running it dry to prevent fuel destabilizing in the motor) or did i read somewhere that running fuel injected outboards dry is bad for the injectors?

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Is the motor a 2s or 4s. Either way , two months or even three will not be a problem with fuel.

In respect to the injectors , have you spoken with the motor manufacture / agent to obtain their comments??


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Just use a fuel stabiliser the last time you run it. Running dry can cause major problems with

DI 2 stroke engines like the Optimax. It can also cause severe oiling up problems with oil injected motors

(depending on the system of operation). There is a theory it can also cause premature wear

problems in engines where the oil is mixed with the fuel (again 2 strokes). The latter might be possible

if there are multiple carbs or injectors. Ie should be OK to do it with a single carb 2s.

I'm not sure about 4 strokes but I wouldn't risk it unless I was 100% sure, ie had confirmation from the manufacturer.

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Fuel Additives
Primary Ingredient ISOPROPANOL- removes water
Primary Ingredient CAS 67630
Secondary Ingredient STODDARD SOLVENT cleans
Secondary Ingredient CAS 8052413
Tertiary Ingredient 1,2,4-TRIMETHYLBENZENE another solvent

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Apparently it's fine with 2 stroke mixed fuel. I've not personally used it but done a lot of reading about it recently. If no more than 2-3 months most sources say don't bother wasting the money since, especially with 2 stroke, it takes years for the duel to separate. But it won't do any harm to add it if worried.

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Or you can run it at home for 5 -10 min with fresh fuel every 6 weeks.3 months is a bit long to

leave the same fuel in it. The problem is that the fuel degrades and leaves gums and varnishes which

can create havoc with injectors and carburetors.

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