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Dollie Trip thurs


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Made another trip out to the Fads yesterday chasing the big one, still no luck.

Left Grays Point ramp at 6am went and caught 10 small yakkas then moved and caught 10 large yakkas and a couple of slimeys jackets and garfish for live bait and headed out to the fad.

Nor wester was putting a bit of chop and few white horses on the seas as we moved off shore so took about 40 min to get there. No boats when we arrived so straight out with a couple of large (30cm) yakkas hoping for Mr big.

5 secs and we were both on but only a couple of mid 80's fish then realised didn't have net ready. Gaffed one and found the net one handed landed both kept one with a gaff hole in it. At this stage another boat arrived and had a drift past the fad hooking up and then just drifting, and drifting and drifting. Shortly after another boat arrived a centre console tinny.

The next 1 1/2 hrs was a steady stream of dollies but the size was way down on previous trips. We lost interest in the dollies averaging about 60 cm and decided to go for a troll headed out about 3 km in an arc and south from the fad caught the odd dollie then found a current line jumping from 24 to 25.

Shortly after noticed what appeared to be a police boat heading straight at us then it veered off and went south to the boat that had been drifting near the Fad, threw them a rope and started towing them back to shore. We didn't realise they had a problem as boats will drift all over the place and we didn't notice any V sheet or signal.

Trolled along the current line and had steady stream of dollies chasing the lures but most didn't hook up on the 10/0 hooks we run in our lures. Made our way back to the Fad caught a couple more 80 cm dollies then headed for home with 10 dollies on ice between 61 and 88 cm ( a few that swallowed 10/0 hooks place a couple of better fish).

Intend to go out on tues or wed depending on the weather and try again.


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Nice fish mate sounds like a good day may I ask which fad you were fishing

Cheers sydneyfisher12

Port Hacking, I usually fish Botany Bay FADS

Disadvantage is that if nothing is happening at the FAD it's a long way to anywhere else to have a fish.

From the botany Bay FADS its just a short trip to the Peak

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