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Well worth the cold night


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Hey raiders.

It's been a long wait for this. I have been dying to catch a decent flatty for a long time. I've been taking on so much advice and trying everything and with many hours out in to no prevale.

Got home from work this arvo got a bag of prawns and decided to head out for a few hours just for a bit of fun not a serious sesh.

Got to a personal favourite spot and tide was running out and to my surprise still a few prawns floating by. Starting scooping a few.

Got a few quick bream to get off the mark.

This may sound weird but I take a few rods leave them all out with very light drag, enough for the fish to hook it self but light enough to hear a fish take off.

After a few bream I heard quiet a decent run on a live prawn I had out.

I had finally done it.

Wasn't much but a 35cm flatty has finally taking a load off my shoulders


I was pretty stoked and happy to leave. AND THEN!!!

That last love prawn in the bucket I put on my long shank and threw it put there.

Left the rod sitting as I was packing up and heard a few decent hits. Picked up the rod and got a hit and striked. I have never had a fish tag off and heard my drag scream like this. Instantly it started getting my adrenaline pumping as I knew I was finally coming along in my fishing. Had no clue what it was as flatties never run like this thing did. After a good 5min Fight and alot of line to retrieve I landed this beautiful 54cm lizard.

I have never been stoked. Not a massive fish but for me who's trying to improve my fishing I was stoked to say the least.


All in all a good 3 hours.


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You should be stoked.

Congrats nice lizard.

And on the last love prawn...

A match made in heaven. edit

Sorry You probably meant live prawn

I'm Just an old romantic

Edited by Ryder
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Can be happy for sure, you need to be brave to stay up all night in this cold! Don't forget the legal size of the mighty Dusky Flathead Platycephalu fuscus which is 36cm, don't know if a fish "misses" in your report but if not, that 35 cm fish shouldn't be on a scaling table :S

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Well done, Ive recently got into Mahi, Kingfish etc but I still get totally excited about the humble flathead. I caught an 83cm model and it fought like I couldn't believe!

Many people say they are the easiest thing to catch cause they are so dumb - maybe Im not doing it right, but personally, I've never found them "easy".

Hope you enjoy the feed!

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