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Fishing with the little fellah


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Went to Wollongong harbour with my son last week.

Whilst walking along the jetty and break wall we noticed some tank blackies just cruising the wall.

Little fella is only 4 but he was keen as to try and catch some....his enthusiasm damped when he saw a sting ray the size of a VW swim right in front of us though.

The next day be loaded up on prawns, bread and dough and decided to hit the wall and jetty. Wasn't planning on catching a hoarse bream or blackie but I wanted to have the little man hook up for the first time.

We spent about an hour and half trying to get bait passed the little pickers and to the bigger fish we could see patrolling the bottom. He ended up with a leather jacket and three bream. they were all undersized but he thought is was great. I nearly lost him in the water as he was trying to net the fish...he was that keen he nearly dove in (lucky he can swim). another visit from mr stingray ensured he stayed well away from the edge of the jetty.

I am thinking I will be back and better prepared as some stage this week as I could see some solid trevs, bream and blackies in the clear water. I am on annual leave until June 10 so I need to work up the energy to hit some local spots as I have been out of fishing now for the last few months.



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Beautiful work mate and nice photos too :thumbup:

Lovely way to spend some quality time with your kids.

Enjoy the rest of your leave and no doubt the little fella will be asking you to take him back there again.


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Like many divorcees I never got to do any serious fishing with my own (10) grandkids but darling stepdaughter and Simon, my step son in law and best fishing mate when he comes down from Byron (or I get up there) have given me a second chance. I can't wait for my 2 year old granddaughter and 5 month old grandson to come out fishing.

Life is good.



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