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Another bream and new PB


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Found myself having about 45 minutes this afternoon before the sun set and so decided to squeeze in a quick fish. I'd just been to the tackle shop and restocked on squidgy wrigglers. I could see some good sized fish in the water but wasn't sure what they were. Possibly trevally. I hooked one up but dropped it. Otherwise they weren't very interested. Continued fishing when I hook something good. Had a really fun fight then pulled in a nice bream. 32cm and a new PB for me. I was really happy.

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Cheers guys. Witha, same colour as in the last report where you can see it hanging out of the small snappers mouth. It's a transparent white colour. Fuze size 4 1/16oz jigheads. The fuze jigheads are great with the fluoro orange coloured holder part. Makes the plastic look a bit like a nipper with eggs

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