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monster trevelly in botany bay


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post-33761-0-06833500-1400372163_thumb.jpgpost-33761-0-91748300-1400372136_thumb.jpgpost-33761-0-91748300-1400372136_thumb.jpgWent fishing yesterday morning in botany dropped the boat off at 6am at foreshore boat ramp. Anchored in the middle of mollies point burlied up and after 1hr or so wasn't much happening so we moved into river near kyle bay so anchored there burlied again and caught 4 good size whiting a couple of blackfish. It started to slow down and before I knew it I felt a big pull and my rod bent into the water after 10 mins of fight we pulled up a 45cm trevelly, I have pulled up alot of trevelly in botany but none that size. Not sure if its common in botany or is it very rare to catch that size. The smile on my face was still there when I got home. Awesome day one I wont forget
Im still trying to work out how to add photos of it

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