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Harbour Hauler

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Yes they will. Fresh and/or live baits generally produce bigger fish. The bigger the bait generally bigger the fish. What bait are you using???

Is there a certain tide you are catching them??

Is there live bait on the area you are catching them?

These questions may help you provide the answer!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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At least your catching them I can't seem to get myself one I gotta get more serious about itSent from my iPad using Tapatalk

Ive caught a few around gladesville bridge..tho at night on squid stripes.

You might wanna try there.


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stick to it mate a big one will come around, i caught my biggest jew on a strip of fresh squid and a 1/0 bream hook. if it aint broke don't fix it the old saying goes. Stick to your guns enjoy catching what you can and your luck will change soon enough.

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agree with scratch accept all my decent jews have been caught on a simlpe prawn whilst not targeting them as Galini mentions, but have seen many landed on bigger baits,Thats why they are the holly grail of the fish , they aint easy to catch and big fish dont get big cause there stupid many hours brings results keep trying!

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Do you any catching Jewfish by lures? If yes, what size lures?

If you are targeting jews with hard bodied lures i suggest lures made for Barramundi, size and weight depends on method of fishing and what time of day/night. For example, lure fishing for a Jew from a breakwall/rocks i would go for a 120mm Minnow.

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