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No jews, but pb bi-catch

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Hi all,

Went for a flick on this mornings low in the Georges, the hope was for jews. No luck on them but caught about 6 bream ranging from 26cm to 41cm and of course a few flathead ranging from "just legal" to 47cm. All released except one poor bugger that was bleeding due to gut hooking.

A new pb for bream on lures for me. All fish were caught on Jackall Mask Vibe 60 on my heavy gear lol.




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Thanks for the comments guys, I forgot to mention I also got a pike that was around the 70cm mark. I've been using transam 95 in 13 grams and the mask vibe 19gram with a fair bit of success - unfortunately have not caught my targeted species (mulloway) with them yet. They are great lures on snapper, flathead, bream however.

The bicatch of bream lately has given me an insight on how to target them, ill have to dedicate a session with plastics for them, I havnt tried for bream with lures yet. Knowing murphy's law ill get jews on the light gear lol.

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Looks like your fishing from a boat? Just curious do you drop the blade straight down then work it or cast it out?

Yes from my boat. I cast it out then let it sink. Wind in the slack line, lift, pause, then lift again and let it sink. Sometimes though, when I take a second rod to chuck plastics around also, I use the teabag method as your describing, letting the motion of the ocean do the work for me

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Do you use the same colour in the transam? Surprised you haven't got a jew yet Baby blackfish colours are pretty good

Drop the size of the vibe for bream in the Georges 40mm cranka vibes are working

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Mate I've put in some hours lately for jews on soft vibes and nothing......thinking I've lost my mulloway mojo. I've got a few colours in the transams - redfin, pearl ayu and mullet. I've only caught bream and flathead on them. I've been using the 13gram models. However, I have ordered the ghost minnow (this is a similar colour to he mask vibe) and ghost red belly colours (both 13grams) to see if that helps.

I have found bait on the sounder but havn't seen any jews for a while. Perhaps I have been fishing the wrong parts of the river.

Thanks for the tip for bream on lures, I have some 40mm tt vibes which I will give a go, have to dedicate a session or two for bream on lures.

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