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Spit Bridge Kings


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Finally got out on the water on sunday. Got to Roseville at first light and we were away tried for some squid at the Spit before it got to light no luck. Found some yellowtail filled the tank and headed out around south head once again no luck so we decided to come back in. Went to the small bay near the spit and picked up 7 really small cuttlefish (Kingfish Candy) another boat went past and said there was a few kings around so we pulled up a mooring and dropped down three live cuttle fish and with in 5 minutes we were on.

We were running heaving jigging tackle as we were in shallow water and this fishing wasnt stopping a it got us busted us off. So down went more baits and yet again we hooked up but again couldn't stop it these were big kingies. fishined their and finally land a small one wasn't much fun due to locked drag :clapping: . On the way home we stop at North bridge and hooked another King and we landed this one it went 68cm. In the end was a good day just a shame we could land a few more. :sleep:

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