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Offshore Report

Ken A

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On our charters during August, snapper have been excellent.The best fish weighed 6.7kg but we have caught many around the 1.5 to 4kg . Spring is the best time for great snapper fishing We fish on anchor using the 'floater system" IE fishing light line and feeding back down the berley trail.

The run of a big red is in comparison with a run from a yellowfin tuna as line pors off the spool as a big red devours the bait.. Floater fishing is great fun and is the only way to catch bid reds constantly.

On Broadbill and Billfisher we favour the Stanwell Park Hump or a reef to the North of Botany ..........we nick named Hunter's Hill in both cases we fish between 30 to 35 fathoms.

On the offshore scene Yellowfin to 50kg Bluefin and albacore are prevalent. We have been catching all these species on Bloodshot lures and by cubing .

We predict that the moon in September will bring some wild tuna action so get out the gear and head over the shelf to the 300fathom line

Currently there is some tuna ladened 20 degree water flowing down and the fishing is going red hot

Visit www.gamefishingcharters.com.au for more info

Capt Ross and Glenn Hunter


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:1welcomeani: Ross and Glenn Hunter.

Do you do much Jig- :1fishing1: for Snapper. I love the idea of sending a snap back down and trying to entice a strike. Is jigging for Snapper more productive on the shallow reefs as opposed to deeper areas. This is a technique I am very interested in.

Look forward to many more interesting reports.

:thumbup::1fishing1: Russ

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