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The Grandfinal! Avoca Lake fires

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Hey guys dont get to much of a chance to post on here due to work commitments but still love my fishing just as much. Unfortunatly have to return to work tommorrow for a full block keeping the streets in the South West Metro safe. Me and a few mates have been fishing Avoca lake since it was let out last Thursday with great success, have been loving how well it is fishing and the quality of the fish including my first a blackfish on a vibe lure. Have caught on most days a variety of species including Bream, Flathead, Whiting, Blackfish, Mullet, and Tailor.

Have been anticipating this afternoons session all day and it delivered the gooods. Me and my mate decided to fish a deeper part of the lake with varying switchblades with a simple double twitch pause retrieve. We were getting fish every second cast and the hook up rate is phenominal on these lures once you have the technique right. Just as the sun was going down I cast the switch blade into one of the deeper eddies when the second twitch the switch blade got smoked and you can always tell from that first run your onto a solid bream. Have been fishing 2lb leader all week and I am stoked I finally went up to 6lb leader due to the cost of the lures. After a few big runs, and the standard big headshakes managed to land my pb bream of 38cms to the fork. Nice and fat fish as well before she was released. Unfrotunately the photo is of very poor quality due to his phone being absloute rubbish will put up some of the better fish from the week.

If any of you guys have instagram you can follow my fishing posts on Tbards02post-306-0-92104400-1401877843_thumb.jpgpost-306-0-97332700-1401877882_thumb.jpgpost-306-0-52518600-1401877909_thumb.jpgpost-306-0-71258500-1401877947_thumb.jpgpost-306-0-11204000-1401878016_thumb.jpgpost-306-0-24003500-1401878082_thumb.jpg

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