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Paroo River, Barcoo, Coopers Creek and Thompson River

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Where I met the Paroo not much water so didn't fish it.

Barcoo had some water so soaked some worms for a couple of hours for no result.

Camped on the banks of Coopers for a night and fished from the shore used worms and shrimp caught there. Actually caught 3 small yellowbelly so a big improvement on previous efforts.

Camped a night on the banks of Thompsons used worms, freshwater mussels and shrimp.

Caught 2 new species 3 freshwater catfish and a Barcoo Grunter. Did lose a largish yellowbelly at the edge

when the hook pulled. Also caught 4 good red claw yabbies (30cm).

Have had a fish in some of the famous Aust inland waters even if not 100% successful.

Learnt a bit about fishing these rivers, the water is always very dirty and lures do not appear an option.

Also need a shrimp trap with quite small mesh.

Probably be a few days now before I get to wet a line, sightseeing to do.


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We used to use a tin can, small holes punched in the bottom (used a nail and hammer) and soap in it for bait. This was the best thing for catching freshwater shrimp both in the Darling north of Bourke and also at Mungindi on the Barwon.


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