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Pumping enough water?


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, they found a few things wrong

Looks like the carbs weren't rebuilt so FAB1 can have his testicles back.

Craig noticed that two cylinders were down and they suspected some stuck rings.

There was some pitting in the block, so that got welded up but the main thing seems to have

been no thermostats which meant that the engine wouldn't get warm or idle in the water

and one of the carbs was flooding.

Anyway, they fixed all that, I took it home to have a test. Went down to the water,

picture perfect solo launch. Jumped in, went to start it and nothing. Turned on my

switch panel to see that the voltages was only 12V, so flat battery. NEarly chopped a hole

in the stupid boat. (My wife wouldn't let me start it at home because its very loud)

Went to load it back on the trailer and found that the winch strap jambed in to the winch and

it took a bit of swearing and lost skin to get it out.

Anyway, went back home, put it on the charger. Went and did a few chores, ate some lunch

bought a dyneema winch rope, put that on then went and started it. All good. Actually sound pretty

reasonable. Craig said that it was running good on the muffs but hadn't tested under load.

So back down to the ramp where the wind had got up a bit. Another perfect solo launch.

I got in and nervously turned the key and it started. so I cast off, dropped the fast idle and before

I could put it in to gear it stopped. Started it again, then put in to gear and away I went.

Started playing with the throttle. Got out my smart phone and

started my Speedo app (not talking swimmers here!) and when I got above 15km/h the boat

would start to plane quite nicely. I just put the throttle down and next thing I know I'm do 60km/h

and I've got a big smile. Craig and Roger have worked some magic on my outboard and its running

really nice. I tried out full throttle and it got up to about 75km/h before starting to play up, so i dropped it back

and it carried on. I think that the sweetspot seems to be about 5500rmp which was a little over 55km/h

Anyway, with the waves getting up and my relative inexperience in driving, I decided to slow down and

enjoy the ride. I started at Gosford and cruised around to near Ocean Beach surf club before coming back.

The engine didn't miss a beat. It didn't even sound like failing. I came back and stopped at Tascott. The big test

for me is that it would start again. I anchored up and decided to test out my new rod that Stg Bundy recommended.

Never used a soft plastic before and when winding it in, i got snagged on the bottom. Wound a bit more and it took

off then stopped, and this happened until I got it up to the surface. On the end was my very first ever legal flathead.

Measured in at 52cm. My day couldn't get any better than that, so I pulled up the anchor, started the engine

and headed home. It did stop when I was trying to tie up to the jetty but a nice bloke took my line and secured

it for me.

Put it back on the trailer, new winch line worked a treat, went home, cleaned the fish and had it with

a very nice salad for tea.

So in answer to my original question, No it should be pumping a bit more water and it should be warm.

Leasson learnt, If I hadn't been lazy in the first place, I'd have gone to Huett Marine instead of local

It would have saved me a few bob and about three months in time. Craig, Roger and mum (sorry I can't remember your name)

know their stuff and its worth your time to get there. The bill had a discount for fishraiders on it! Finally,

check your battery before you go.

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Hi Anthony, good to hear and as we mentioned to you that engine is a power house so be careful on that hull. I hate to imagine what it would of been like with the steering the way it was when it cam e down. Mate you also want to spend an afternoon cleaning up that wiring-yes each time I ran it on the flusher the batteries were sluggish and with the wiring the way it is at the stern, a good tidy-up is in order and really not that hard to do yourself and save yourself some money, because we will not name where it went first to try and be fixed, but as I said to you when you were here, there were some serious dodgy things done on that old girl and sometimes i just scratch my head with what people do in this industry.

Enjoy and use good fuel and oil and you have a strong outboard now running as best she can for a 30 year odd old girl.



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Thanks once again Craig.

Now she is home I can finish up my wiring and install my radios back in.

Then I just need to get my welder sorted and fix up the trailer.

Expect a positive google review in the next week or so ;-)

I'd encourage anyone who has had a positive experience to write up a google review.

They are mostly negative, I guess because would much rather bag someone than say good job!

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Hi Anthony, thanks for my gonads back.

Looks like Hueys got you sorted.

As you've now found out there's a big difference between reconditioned, rebuilt and saying things are rebuilt.

Good job Huey, blokes like you are a dying breed in all industries.


Sent from my GT-I8730T using Tapatalk

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