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Who said circle hooks don, t work?


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I think it's fake, not sure.

I had a school mate get snagged of the rocks back in the day and as he heaved on his rod trying to free it.....you guest it, it came out from the rocks and water like a scud missile and he wore a 4 gang set of 4/0, s through the family jewels and was laid up in hospital for months.

He, s now married and childless.

Always wear some form of eye protection when fishing and quadruple check your surroundings when casting.

Another idiotic thing I've seen is a fisho winching up his boat while straddling the winch cable that was rustier than the titanic when it snaped and he wore it on the gonads also and dropped him like a bag of xxxx also smashing his face and teeth on the trailer in the process.

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Heard about a bloke, years ago, was casting a garfish on a ganged hook rig with a lot of vigour. He swung back hard and let fly, only problem was the ganged hooks swung under him and he jagged himself in one of his bum cheeks, with one hook right in past the barb.

As he was on the rocks, a long way from medical attention, his mate kindly grabbed the offending hook with pliers and reefed it out, causing a lot of pain and bleeding, then told him to keep fishing :074:

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That looks real or some very clever photoshop work.

it show the swelling on the lip and a little glaze over the victim's eyes.

Not as bad though as a hook that has not gone all the way through....

Cut the hook close to the lip with side cutters and pull it out.


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you've got about 10 hooks in you ive only had 2 in me who's more careful that would be me mate

Yeh I know

And only 3 hooks, one in the elbow, one in the leg and one in the eyebrow

And I can't forget when I sliced some flesh from my thumb(it stayed on)

Nothing big :)

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Nothing that a big skoll of scotch and a teaspoon of cement wouldn't fix.

Might be worth taking mini bolt cutters next time I'm using the big hooks by the looks of that guy in the first pic.

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had a pair of size 8 trebles in the foot in a canoe *poor tackle management* - Nothing a pair or pliers cant fix. And 2 sets of sunnies grazed up from old mate casting low under snags. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION.

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Cutting hooks is a tough gig. Side cutters will only work on very thin shanked hooks, not the size shown in the pics.

A pair of bolt cutters is definitely the quickest way to ease the pain. Unless the hook is in the bottom of a foot as per the second pic. Then it is off to the hospital to have it surgically removed.

I also understand that unless you really know what you are doing pulling a hook out using a length of mono can cause a lot of damage. Best to let a medico do it and save making the wound any worse.

Being macho about removing hooks yourself may seem good at the time but not worth risking damaging a tendon or similar that might cause pain for the rest of your life.



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Dad got a hook stuck into his thumb I think deep enough that the barb prevented it simply being pulled out. He took it to a local clinic where a young doctor fretted and couldn't see a way to get it out other than slicing open his thumb to open it up so the hook could be taken straight out.

An older doctor comes up, basically says 'BS', and proceeds to show the young one how to do it with a little local anesthetic and pushing the hook in the right direction. Popped out without any further damage.

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I use a small treble or stinger at the end of gang hooks, beach fishing for tailor.

After a fishless night, I was taking my rod inside, lightly holding the gang so I didn't hook the Cat on the way in.

The reel hit the door jam and drove stinger deep into my finger.

Back out to the car, got the pliers, cut the line and cut the gangs leaving only the stinger.

'Hi Honey I'm home'. Can you help me?

Off to RPA around midnight, getting bumped to the end of the queue while the usual Saturday night victims came in.

Finally get to the doctor, young intern who gave me a local and tried the 'push down the shank and pull the bend' method.

When that didn't work he was going to make an incision.

I had a big turfing job on Monday, I didn't want stitches .

I asked him to push it thru.

He reluctantly did it, then he tried to cut the hook.

His surgical tools were no match for a high carbon steel treble.

Then his mate, another intern, brings the ring cutter.( Like a small angle grinder.)

Filings falling on the table, they thought they were winning, but they were just destroying out the blade.

Then I suggested crimp the barb.

It didnt crimp, it snapped off and flew away.

Hook finally out, home around 4am with a bandaid.

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Guest Aussie007

was with a mate in my early teen years wagging school one day so we decided to go to the local creek where we seen a man fishing so we went over for a look and my mate stood behind the guy while he was about to cast and copped the rusted hook up thru the nose and it snapped off

my mate later went to see the local GP and he was tugging on the snapped end i think he thought there were no barbs my mate said it was a very painful experience

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