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Bonnies thinning out?


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This morning I had the pleasure of the company of a young family friend who has just arrived home after cycling some 45,000 km from the UK to raise money for an international cancer research organisation. You can read his story here: www.cycling4cancer.wordpress.com

You might even see fit to make a donation to his charity and help him raise the last couple of thousand dollars to reach his target of $30,000.

Chris loves fishing and I was keen to hook him up to a few fish. We fished the southern cliffs off Botany Bay and Chris landed 6 bonito and two frigate mackerel. He also got to see whales (one of which surfaced not more than 20 metres from us), dolphins, a large sea eagle and a glorious sunrise. He had a ball and it was great to get a chance to chat about his truly remarkable ride.


The bonnies weren't as abundant as they were last week though!

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Still a good result mate, were the bonnies and frigates in close to the cliffs? My old man is up from Victoria this weekend and still deciding on whether to head out from botany or the harbour

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We caught a couple of nice fat Bonnies last Thursday (sounder was thick with them) trolling along South Head of Sydney Harbour.

Then as as we circled around the artificial reef to anchor up, a humpback popped up no more than 20metres ahead of us. A bit of a worry when you're in a 12 foot tinnie!!

Nothing further to report other than some over zealous Parks & Wildlife officers and a bunch of small leatheries, neither of which I wanted to take home!!!

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