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Nice Georges Jewie


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With the wind getting up I chose to fish the Georges today to try for the mythical jewfish. Went to the spot that has sucked up at least 6 hours of my life in the last week for no bites even. Was going to drive past it to try somewhere new but had a last minute change of mind to give it one quick blast.

Decided to fish my little 2 kilo outfit with 8lb leader and a 5 inch pink shiner gulp jerkshad. 2nd cast of the day I see the bump in the line as it sinks and wound up the slack and sunk it home. Immediately the little 1000 was singing and I lost 50m in one big surge. Was thinking It would ledge me on something for sure but could not believe it when it stopped and allowed me to get a couple of turns on. I was by myself so I couldnt chase after it with the anchor out so had to creep it back to the boat bit by bit.

After 20 minutes of nerve jangling back and forth I got a glimpse of this cracker. It looked like a 90 but ended up going 83cm on the tape. The most awesome purple and silver athlete. Got some shots of it on the deck and put her on the grips for a healthy release. Would have loved some holding shots but was alone and wanted to get her back in quick.

Was so pumped. On a 1000 Shimano and a Heartland 1-3 kilo rod !

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Thanks guys. Yes I am pretty happy with myself. The gear is super light, and I have told myself not to use it again after a couple of smashings in the past. I fish the spot regularly and it is far from reliable. Usually just a 200 cast boredom marathon in dirty water. I got the fish yesterday at midday so there is no need to freeze yourself at dawn, more just a case of fishing the turn in the tide.

I will be back when these westerlies die down. They are such a beautiful fish and I will always make sure to release them with a big kiss and a whoop that all the residents can hear !

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