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while the tuna quiet hit the mountain


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while the tuna are quiet hit the mountain boys

Horse size gemfish plague proportions, only 4 seconds to hookup from finshing dropping line.

Are some good size Blue eye there as well if you can get your baits past the Gemmies

then pray to the fish gods you dont get done by a Mako on the way up which are also crazy there at moment




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What an awesome haul!! Absolutely love eating blue eye. I've always wanted to land both those species but never had the chance. Can I ask we're you directly on browns or a little way off?

Cheers, Steve

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Hi Steve , I've fished for them many times and find it to be very productive anywhere around the edge of the mountain.

When there on there in plague numbers. But once you've hit bottom , immediately raise your sinker off the bottom a few turns to avoid snagges.

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