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Botany Bay

Krispy !

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Headed to the bay last sunday and was on the water at 5am, after prospecting around we found a good patch of fish and it was literally triple hookups every cast, most of the fish were trevally but some nice bream and a chinamen jacket were also landed. Released twice as much as we kept including a nice bearded rock cod which might be a raider record at 45cm. Overall nice day on the water and out by 11.



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A good catch for this time of year Krispy. Looks like a tarwhine in the mix as well.

Yeah a few tarwhine in there, normally would throw them back at that size but they were still legal and the family requested some fish.

I think that second picture is of a Bearded Ling?

yep, a few different names its got but it goes by bearded ling too

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