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Boat pre-sale Inspection by 3rd party?


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Hi All,

Long time lurker... having not had much time to fish since moving down to Sydney again, I've decided to pick up a 5.2 - 5.5m half/cuddy cab and get back onto the water! Now to be honest, I'm can build or fix anything mechanically but have basically no experience inspecting a hull for condition & defects.

So... I'm after a 3rd party to inspect the boat which is located around Nelson Bay / Port Stephens. Looking around, there seems to be a couple of guys and I was wondering if anyone had dealt with them or can recommend others.

I could be completely wrong so am happy to take on feedback. This seems like one of the safer ways to minimise buying a soft soggy lemon and although I have a good local mate who has been boating on and off for about 10-15 years, I'd prefer to spent a little bit and be sure of it.

Thanks in advance for any advice! Looking forward to getting more involved on here :)

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Is the boat fiberglass or Alum. I suspect glass , if so , the main area to check is along the keel & around the bung holes for softness in the transom frame..

Give the engine a good inspection , age , general condition , sevice history & perhaps a compression test.


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Thanks Geoff,

Must admit I did a double take when I saw your reply as you have the same name as the guy selling!

It's a late 90s glass hull, 06 yamamerc with low hours, general photos look genuine (eg. not freshly wiped down and sparkling) but will see in person. I'll check all numbers etc. and no problem doing a quick compression test for a little more piece of mind.

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