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Flatties on Lure-Swansea


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It has been a long long time since I can make up my time with going fishing. Weather has been good on last Sunday and finally I got my chance to have a flick.

Got up to Belmont jetty about 4pm. Tried flicking with lure for half an hour and no signs of biting at all. Decided to give it a good at Lucys Breakwall-Swansea.

Went straight to the end of the breakwall and start flicking again. Tried different techniques and withink 10 mins bang got this nice flathead.

This is not the biggest flathead of all raiders here but is only my second flathead on lure.

Am quite happy that lure is really start working on my side.

Any tips on getting bream on lure within these areas? Whereabouts is a good spot for flicking some plastics for bream ? What type of lure I can use for bream ?

Thank youpost-32580-0-65875900-1409622663_thumb.jpegpost-32580-0-38985400-1409622677_thumb.jpg

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Well done mate, always a good thing to get fish on lures.

For bream, stick with smaller profiled lures like wrigglers, grubs, prawn imitations and small flickbaits. Usually natural colours such as brown, reds, greens, whites, greys work well. Looks like the spot where you are fishing will hold some bream. Good luck.

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