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A Pommie on tour in oz - fishing reports


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I have had 4 trips over to your great country now and have fished quite a bit whilst touring around :fishing1: My main reason for visiting is to see my family - I have a daughter and two young grandsons living in Frenchs Forest,a cousin and his family in Melbourne and also a cousin and his family living in Adelaide. I also have a sprinkling of friends in other parts.

Would there be any interest out there for me to post some of my "Australian Angling Adventures" onto here ? In the 4 trips I have managed to notch up 43 of your fish species so far :sun:

Kind regards


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Go for it you Pommie Bast@$d.

This is light humer not me being raciest.

Ha ha,had a 3 day trip up to Lake St Clair with a bunch of ozzie fishos last year and must have been called a "pommie barsteward" at least every 5 minutes during the whole trip :sun: It was just good banter and I loved it - mind you they got stick off me as well.

Will dig out some of my old reports then and start wedging them onto here in chronological order. Just hope you enjoy them :sun: Off on a photoshoot right now so will add the first one when i get back home tonight.


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