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Stewy and Trevor doing the blackfish thing


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Hit the Harbour with Hawkesbass(Trevor) in the pissing down rain on Saturday for a bit of a blacky session and while we didn't brain em we did land a few and Trev got a beauty at 42cms...nice fish dude and top fight as well.

Thanks for the outing mate and what a gentleman bringing the weed and burley already mixed :biggrinthumb:

Your floats were amazing and I reckon I should get a couple when you have extras :harhar:

The way Trevor attacks his blackfishing is fantastic and every aspect is nearly anal :bleh: .

Hope we can do this again real soon mate.


Regards Stewy

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Nice effort in the rain if you ventured out at daybreak and top of tide, I also was stupid enough to do the same on South side of Harbour and dropped two before 9.00 am( so much for blackfish biting on top of tide and just after daybreak), then I started to land a couple on run out and around the bottom of the tide. Around mid-day it started to fine up and bites started to come as fish moved in and out. The berley did not seem to hold them as bites were not consistent. I packed up at 12.30 soaked through and through, however, I believe I would have caught more if I stayed for the run up tide as I was committed elsewhere after an irate phone call from Mrs Howsy.


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Guest hawkesbass

Stewie left out he got two himself but they were tiddlers.

Hopefully next time the weather and the fish co operate abit better.

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Only my second post and amazed on how many people chase Luderick on here, I've only ever rock fished for luderick and never dabbled in the Harbour side for them, just found it to hard trying to find bait and finding decent floats, nice craftsmanship on those pencil floats by the way, not easy to make from what I hear.

Might change my tune one day and give the harbour a go until then happy harbour hunting.

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