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South east rocks


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Spent the morning out on the rocks looking for some pelagics. First hit was after 3 casts but it didnt stick... 3 hours later I get busted off by something big enough to think a 6' halco popper was bit sized... spewing, it was my leader knot that gave :'(...

After much swearing and 20 more min of nothing, the ocean taunted me... the biggest bait ball/salmon smash up I've ever seen exploded out of the water... on the other side of the bay, well out of reach...

Then out of no where the water in front of me began to boil and my slug was coming straight through it :)

I was on!! After some acrobatics and a short fight I landed him. not the biggest model but he was exploding with white bait.

Called it after a bitter-sweet sesh.. finished off sweet so ill be back tomorrow ;)



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