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Land-based HSS Shark Point (x2 outings)


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I spend four hours in two sessions spinning at Shark Point (Clovelly) in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs over this weekend. 

Saturday 10:30-13:00, light NE blowing, 0.5-1.0m NE swell, partly cloudy, relatively clear water

Sunday 05:30-07:00, light NW at first, turned into a gusty SW by about 06:45, better wash this morning than yesterday

No fish were caught. 

Lures used were metal slices (gold and silver around 60g), surecatch 85 gram metal jig (pink/chrome), blue Halco 125mm popper and a white one this morning with the red head.

Also, this morning I tried some of those smelly soft plastics with 6/0 Gamakatsu for jews or kings. Smidgey I think is the name...

Had fun, as these were my first two sessions since 1996 or so, despite not catching anything except seeing three pods of dolphins and a lone seal. Previously I used to love fishing the Eastern Suburbs rocks....

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1 hour ago, BrassRoots said:

Those lures are a bit big for that area. Whenever I've fished Gordons Bay with lures I have caught fish on 20g twistys. Most people I see heading towards sharks point use 20-40g silver twistys.

could be worth downsizing.

Thank you for the tips mate. I really appreciate it! I will try smaller lures probably closer to 40g, which I have. I was using an 11' rod with a Penn Spinfisher SSV8500 and 25lb line with an 80lb Black Magic leader. Maybe a bit overexcited hoping for a big kingie. 


Incidentally, I had never fished further north than Giles Baths (what used to be) at the north end of Coogee. I did nearly 300 scuba dives at Shark Point in the late 90s though. I have seen some great fish during those dives. Big kings, a huge old man snapper (big knob and all) on a morning solo dive and even jewies on night dives. It is a really good, deep water spot. There were always nannygai out NE from the gutter in 26 meters and many bastard trumpeters too. I have some slide photos somewhere...... :) 


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