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First Sail Fish


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Hi All

Went on a short holiday to Vanuatu for my wife's birthday and got to go fishing on father's day with my 3 boys

Very exciting I got my first Sail Fish on troll

Weight approximately 40 kg and took 10 minutes to land

First run was about 200 meters


What a great day

What happening in Sydney. Did anyone get out today?


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Awesome work mate. It's definately one on my wish list. I'm off to Darwin in 4weeks, so fingers crossed. Such a beautiful fish, I can only image the first run! Well done :)

Cheers scratchie!!!

We saw a fish jumping about 1 km from the boat so we turned around and worked the area, looked like they had gone and then we hooked up

Not sure if it was the same fish since they swim in schools

Hope you get one

congats mate well done cheers gary

Hi Gary

Biggest fish so far so I am stoked but I think it is even more special if you do it on your own boat

Only used the riggers once sofar but they work really well. Had issues with the rubberbands breaking

In Vanuatu they used dacron to connect to the riggers which they advised is better, what do you think?

Nice fish. We head back over next Saturday and Hayden is keen to have a go for a sailfish.

Good luck
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