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Hi Raiders,

New to squidding the last 7-8 squidding sessions were disappointing with only one caught in the net as it swam by.

Fathers day got myself some nice Shimano gear and a early day at work meant a perfect evening to test out my new rods. I ran some new braid grab my jigs and head down for a session.

As soon as the sun sets I feel a tug and reel my first squid on a green jig. Thinking I broke my bad luck strike I caught nothing for 30mins. It was time to change jig again and I was catching again.

The three hours were fantastic with enough squid for feed and bait for my next one or two jewy\ kingy hunting session.

Still a few questions to figure out how to keep squid best in the fridge for extended periods.. and do you need to kill them straight away with a spike if you intend to use them for bait.. but will get there.




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kill them instantly by using a spike or putting your fingers inside the back of the hood and pushing them in the part that connects the head and the top of the hood will break and its dead

ive heard it makes them taste better and be a better bait and make them not go hard

cheers sydneyfisher12

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Yeah, straight in a ziplock with the air squeezed out or vacuum sealer. Keep them away from direct contact with ice/freshwater at all costs, i've never found killing them immediately makes any real difference. Like that they will be good in the fridge for up to about 2-3 days, freeze them if its going to be longer before you use them.


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I ziplock bag them mate as soon as I get home and straight in the freezer (about an hour away from where I get squid). I dont spike them they just die in the bucket. Ive caught jew on 6 week old squid using the method I described above.

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